Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Last night, I sent Andy to the store to grab some "quick dinner" items. For some reason I had the energy level of a walking zombie and had no plans on spending a long time in the kitchen. You might say, "Why didn't you just throw something into the microwave?" My answer is, "We don't have a microwave."

Anyways, back to the point. Andy returned from the store with an assortment of goodies. Then he said, "I have a surprise for you!" Which scared me because the last time he said those words, he came home with the hugest pineapple I had ever seen.

His surprise was a large, glittery, peacock blue, plastic cone. I think it was a discounted Christmas decoration. However, in our place it looks more like a modern art statement piece.

This is the same man that brings me "apology soup" after we fight. I asked him recently, "Why do I get soup after we fight?" He simply responded, "I know you like soup." 

Classic Andy.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

another korean post

I will start this post by relating that contrary to popular belief I am not into K-POP. Actually, until recently haven't known that much about Korean culture at all. I have recently become a Korean Drama fanatic as a previous post points out. This is actually thanks to Netflix streaming. Based on the fact that I watched the Korean animation, The House, Netflix suggested I watch a bunch of Korean dramas.

Luckily, I wasn't disappointed.

Later after watching the show, Mary stayed out all night (which I blogged about previously) I started a surfing binge. My surfing interest was in the Hongdae area and the Korean Indie scene in Seoul. I found the site Koreanindie which offered me an interesting view of what his happening there musically. There is so much new music for me to troll through, that I am somewhat overwhelmed. I will however share this Youtube video of a group that I feel could break the international music scene with success. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

polyvore confession

When I think of Polyvore it feels like a modern version of some secret crafting I committed as a youth.

Why do I say committed? Because I was a criminal. Yes, there. I said it. I would steal fashion magazines from the library. 

I imagine what it would have been like if I had been caught. Sent to juvi for britches full of Vogue printings. It would have been awful. 

But those magazines were important. I used them for an assortment of art projects. I would clip everything I needed and leave behind mutilated husks. And some of the fashion would end up glued into a notebook. It wasn't that I was trying to create a fashion book, it was that I couldn't bare to chop those particular outfits up for my artistic needs. They needed to be preserved, cared for, looked at from time to time.

Eventually, I had notebooks full of fashion and a taste for design. Though to be fair, there is proof that I had a taste of fashion before that.

Thankfully, I'll have Polyvore now. No more thievery for me. Although, they really should make a Polyvore for Architecture. As my second most stolen magazine was Architectural Digest.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

inner child

graffiti queen

Back when I was a young hoodlum, I had friends in the Chicago Graffiti scene. I suppose they are still my friends. Though they have retired their phat caps and rubber gloves. We all have to grow up sometime right?

In those days, I was taught some basic letter theory, shown how to spray, or create a stencil for sidewalk art. I found it really inspiring that a person could be anywhere and create art. Though, the Chicago brown out program kind of ruined that.

Not all graffiti is gang related you twits.

Anyways, here is my Polyvore ode to graf. Art is not a crime!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I find myself getting bored when I really shouldn't be bored. Usually this happens when I have other things I should be doing. Let me give you an example.

When I am cleaning I end up getting distracted by everything I find.


What's this? A note from my mom from ten years ago. I must read this in it's entirety.

What's this? Some pens and pencils. Before I put them in their proper location I need to sharpen the pencils and test the pens. Maybe I'll organize my pencil box too.

What's this? An old electrical cord to something. Hmmmm. I don't remember what this goes to. But if I throw it out then by Murphy's law I will need it. Better put this back for safe keeping.

What's this? A few coins. I will now ransack the rest of the house for coins just to ensure that all the coins in my house are in the same place.

What's this? An old bill. Did I pay this bill? I usually put the bills I paid over in my paid bills folder. I need to check this. I am sure that my credit score will plummet all the points if I don't

Honestly, I am not sure if it really is boredom. Compulsive activety maybe?

Saturday, January 5, 2013

pink hair, no makeup, and dirty nails

So, I changed my hair color again. Much to my disappointment even though I used gloves my nails still look gross.

Friday, January 4, 2013

blog goodies

I just finished adding some blog goodies to my blog. After some frustration,  I got the look I was going for.

It shouldn't have been so difficult. I wouldn't say I am a coding master, but I am fairly adept. I know HTML. I know CSS. I know some Java. I even know some BASIC.

It comes with the territory of growing up with computers. Let me be clear. When I say growing up with computers. I actually mean growing up with computers, as in: developing and changing over time.

I was around eight when my father brought home our first computer. I vaguely remember thinking, "That is a weird looking fish tank." My father had replaced the fish tank with a computer. So, my sibling life with the computer began.

I have fond memories of that black and white (<--green) screened monstrosity. How my father showed me DOS commands or how going to computer stores felt empty and exciting. In those days an entire shelf would have a single program awaiting your perusal.

I learned basic, BASIC (see what I did there), before I knew a lot of math. Then the world of BBS boards came along and I was hooked.

My father and I would buy computer magazines and troll the back listings for addresses to program our 1,200 bit modem. Then it was ASCII art and text adventure games for hours.

Go north.
Pick up matches.

I was fifteen when I got my own computer. A Packard Bell. It was so shiny and AOL was preinstalled. The Internet was so new and so strange. But AOL made it so easy. They took the ideas of GeoWorks, BBS forums, and IRC chats to a whole new level!

That was what got me into the social possibilities of the Internet. Fun fact: There is somewhere a casting call video of me for an AOL commercial. I knew then that the future would be total integration of this format into our lives. It motivated me to learn HTML have a free page hosted.

I remember the how horrifying my page was. The animated images. The layers of colors. The text you had to copy into word to actually read. But, we learned from our mistakes and started creating sites in a more pleasing fashion. Then came things like Friendster and Myspace. And I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that Myspace taught us the wonders of CSS.

Oh, cascading style sheets, how I both love you and loathe you.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


(Quote Source: Unknown)

korean television

I am addicted to Korean television. Korean television just has an innocence to it and a clean visual aesthetic.

My specific pleasure is romantic dramas that borderlines rom-com. The story-lines and plots are just so pleasing. I have been watching via my Netflix streaming account and found myself running out of things to watch. Then the clouds parted, and I stumbled on a website called Dramafever.

What is Dramafever? I am glad you asked! Only a website that has hours upon hours of free (yes, you heard the magic word) FREE Korean drama. Needless to say, this does not help my addiction. I am losing sleep! I am also starting to resemble hypnotoad.

Anyways, this all leads up to me sharing my favorite Korean television show. A shameless promotion that will probably reach all of the two randoms that stumble on to my blog.

Watch it! You will thank me. It has subtitles so, no worries if you don't speak Korean. If you watch it and don't like it, too bad! As a teaser, enjoy this video of a song from the soundtrack. It is sung by the main character, with clips from the series.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

bloggy folly

When I was a young lady, I had a small group of girl friends. They listened to Bon Jovi and New Kids on the Block. They had posters of horses and knew how to make friendship bracelets. They had nail polish and crushes on boys. They also had diaries.

The diaries would be carefully selected from the Hallmark store, because (by some magic that was suburban pre teen life) this was the only place to get it. They'd check the brass locks, test the properties of the binding, and only be content of there was a matching pen.

All of this was completely alien to me, of course. I listened to Giorgio Moroder, Beethoven and The Cure. I had posters of random stuff because all my room decor was from the thrift store. I didn't learn how to make a friendship bracelet until high school. And let's not even go into my long standing mistrust of nail polish. Nor will I review my crushes as they varied and often included trees. But the diary concept fascinated me.

I purchased my first diary from Hallmark (as was predetermined) and failed to utilize it. There were many attempts and many new diaries purchased The unfortunate truth is I was never able to keep a handwritten journal for more than a week.

So this will be another attempt. Tune in and see if I epically fail yet again.