Friday, January 4, 2013

blog goodies

I just finished adding some blog goodies to my blog. After some frustration,  I got the look I was going for.

It shouldn't have been so difficult. I wouldn't say I am a coding master, but I am fairly adept. I know HTML. I know CSS. I know some Java. I even know some BASIC.

It comes with the territory of growing up with computers. Let me be clear. When I say growing up with computers. I actually mean growing up with computers, as in: developing and changing over time.

I was around eight when my father brought home our first computer. I vaguely remember thinking, "That is a weird looking fish tank." My father had replaced the fish tank with a computer. So, my sibling life with the computer began.

I have fond memories of that black and white (<--green) screened monstrosity. How my father showed me DOS commands or how going to computer stores felt empty and exciting. In those days an entire shelf would have a single program awaiting your perusal.

I learned basic, BASIC (see what I did there), before I knew a lot of math. Then the world of BBS boards came along and I was hooked.

My father and I would buy computer magazines and troll the back listings for addresses to program our 1,200 bit modem. Then it was ASCII art and text adventure games for hours.

Go north.
Pick up matches.

I was fifteen when I got my own computer. A Packard Bell. It was so shiny and AOL was preinstalled. The Internet was so new and so strange. But AOL made it so easy. They took the ideas of GeoWorks, BBS forums, and IRC chats to a whole new level!

That was what got me into the social possibilities of the Internet. Fun fact: There is somewhere a casting call video of me for an AOL commercial. I knew then that the future would be total integration of this format into our lives. It motivated me to learn HTML have a free page hosted.

I remember the how horrifying my page was. The animated images. The layers of colors. The text you had to copy into word to actually read. But, we learned from our mistakes and started creating sites in a more pleasing fashion. Then came things like Friendster and Myspace. And I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that Myspace taught us the wonders of CSS.

Oh, cascading style sheets, how I both love you and loathe you.

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