Wednesday, January 16, 2013

polyvore confession

When I think of Polyvore it feels like a modern version of some secret crafting I committed as a youth.

Why do I say committed? Because I was a criminal. Yes, there. I said it. I would steal fashion magazines from the library. 

I imagine what it would have been like if I had been caught. Sent to juvi for britches full of Vogue printings. It would have been awful. 

But those magazines were important. I used them for an assortment of art projects. I would clip everything I needed and leave behind mutilated husks. And some of the fashion would end up glued into a notebook. It wasn't that I was trying to create a fashion book, it was that I couldn't bare to chop those particular outfits up for my artistic needs. They needed to be preserved, cared for, looked at from time to time.

Eventually, I had notebooks full of fashion and a taste for design. Though to be fair, there is proof that I had a taste of fashion before that.

Thankfully, I'll have Polyvore now. No more thievery for me. Although, they really should make a Polyvore for Architecture. As my second most stolen magazine was Architectural Digest.

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