Monday, February 4, 2013

comic surprise

Recently, Andy introduced me to a local comics and games store. I was busy trying to find an appropriate gift for a HIGHLY intelligent twelve year old boy. (We ended up going with game CATAN since he is really into playing board games and solving puzzles.)

After I made my selection, I was strolling around looking at all the various sundries. Seeing as how I happen to be working on a project that involves Masters of the Universe art, I thought it would be appropriate to widen my horizons. Do some "market research". Surprisingly, something caught my eye. It was a comic series called Multiple Warheads.

I have never been into comics per se. I have dabbled in reading graphic novels and do like the Tank Girl comic series.

When I opened Multiple Warheads, I really was drawn in by the art. If Adventure Time, Tank Girl, and a Hayao Miyazaki film had a love child comic, this series would be it. From what I gathered, this is set in a post-apocalyptic world that is strangely affected by radiation. 

As a lovely parting gift, here are some more images of the interior art.

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