Sunday, March 3, 2013


This weekend was full of errands. There was WAY too much to do. However, I am excited to report that I got a lot done!

One of the major things that I did was apply for my passport. 

I look super cute in my picture!

I also went to the thrift store with Andy. (He destroys his jeans at a disturbing rate.) So now, we get second hand jeans to keep up with his consumption. I was looking around while he tried on various pairs and found a fun SOYJOY t-shirt.

I picked it because I am full of joy and I am pescatarian (or a vegetarian that eats fish and dairy). That being said I eat A LOT of soy products. When I got home, I promptly found out that SOYJOY is a granola-snack-nutrition-bar that is sold mainly in; North America, Europe, and Asia. I still am going to wear the shirt regardless of being a walking billboard. I like how kitschy it is.

Anyhoo, in my search I found this cute SOYJOY commercial. I found it sooooo visually appealing that I just had to post it. =)

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