Thursday, March 21, 2013

i no longer eat bacon

Seriously, I have never really liked pork. In my mind, ham has always has been that "gross" thing served around Easter. I have never been a big bacon eater, at all.

That being noted, I am pescetarian (meaning: I eat no other meat, except fish). Even so, I find myself drawn to the smell of bacon. I am disgusted by the idea of bacon and the texture of it. Yet, I hover anytime someone is cooking it, like a cat waiting for a tuna-can to be opened. 

"I can watch right?" says the bacon voyeur.

Anyhoo, this has brought me on a search. I must find a suitable replacement for my strange bacon dilema! The problem is, bacon is one-of-a-kind. My first choice is Bac-Os. I dislike Bac-Os.

It says on the container that Bac-Os are made with soy. LIES! I'm convinced it is made with plastic and red foam. The good news is, I finally found a replacement that I can live with.

Things I like about this product? 

  • It has more of a "food-like" color and texture.
  • It has a more convincing taste.
  • It is organic.
  • I can confidently say, "This needs more vegetarian bits".

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