Thursday, March 7, 2013

if i were a tree

I love trees. I love that I depend on them. (That whole breathing thing, I like doing that.) I love the shade they provide. I love how they look when the wind blows. I love the variety of trees in this world.

I used to think that my favorite tree was a weeping willow. I WAS WRONG. My favorite tree is now a Rainbow Eucalyptus tree. I just stumbled on an awesome picture of one and my mind was blown.

Rainbow Eucalyptus trees, Maui, Hawaii (Source unknown)

Apparently, the tree loses its bark. Depending on how long the skin is exposed, determines what color remains. I need to go and visit my tree brethren. STAT!

(Source unknown)


  1. SO PRETTY!!!! I am also a fan of trees. I associate them with age, wisdom, and life. Those are some psychedelic trees I super dig.

    1. Yeah, trees are some magical stuff. All life is, really. HOWEVER, trees are some of the most the most wonderful living spirits out there!

      I like to think they are the connection, the ambassadors we have to the earth. Since, they are half in the earth and half in the air.


  2. That is so beautiful! I've never heard of those before! They look so neon and cool, and beautiful! :)

    1. Sometimes, they are more pastel? But other times their colors are very rich and bright (especially the greens). I am glad I got to share this with you!