Wednesday, March 6, 2013

my dog

I am more of a cat person. Yet, I have two small dogs. Both are rescue animals and have a bunch of emotional problems we work through. The smaller of the two, Oscar, has the most strange habits of any animal I have even seen.

For instance, he is emotionally damaged by the song Happy Birthday. If you sing this song at a certain point he will scream and cry. I thought perhaps it was a tone in the song that sets him off. Well, its not. Why do I know this? I have taken to singing random songs to him constantly and never get the same response.

That being said, he has formed a new strange habit. He has always enjoyed being under blankets. In fact, both my dogs enjoy being under blankets. I call them my "blanket worms". Creepy huh? Anyways, he now adjusts a blanket first. Then drags the pillow over and uses it as a blanket.

Here he is getting under the pillow.

And here he has his pillow blanket and blanket pillow.

Hey Oscar!@! You are doing it wrong!!!


  1. My husband and I rescued a kitten about 2 years ago and she had a few issues as well. She was a sickly little thing with strange habits, but she's now healthy and full of life. Although still just a bit strange :), but she fits in perfectly with us.

  2. AWE!! I am sooooo happy you rescued a kitten. I am a sucker for animals in need. My husband has to control me or we would have a zoo!