Monday, March 18, 2013

we learn on the way

This week's inspirational quote.

(Source Unknown)


  1. Unless you stay lost. I think.

    1. My Aunt used to tell me all the time, "A mistake is only a mistake if you have not learned from it."

      I think that's the mindset I have when I think about this. Being lost equates to confusion and not knowing how to reach a destination or goal. So, in reality being lost is just a part of living.

      In this way, we can change our perspective and say to ourselves, "I'm not on my planned route...but this is good too."

      So staying lost, would be akin to always learning...always living...and loosening our grip on having to be in control of everything.

      Cause, let's face it. Control is an illusion.

      Probably, a little more in depth of a response than needed...hahaha! My inner Buddha is coming out. =P