Monday, April 8, 2013

computer pains

I think my technology is conspiring against me. My iPhone has decided that it no longer wants to play sound (unless using headphones). The ringtones still work, but no music. After, many hours of troubleshooting, I still have the problem.

Then, my computer has decided to have problems as well. 

Each day, it works fine while on. Each day, it shuts down like normal. Each morning, I try to turn my computer on and it glitches and turns back off. Each day, I go through troubleshooting and think all is better. The next morning?

....then computer turns off. I really do not relish going in for a "genius bar" appointment. Because, if I have to have one more person ask me a question like...

"Was your computer plugged in?"

...all my meditation and Buddha nature will reset and I will burn the room.

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