Sunday, April 28, 2013

food truck festival

Andy came home from work on Friday and informed me that on Saturday we would be going to the Texas Food Truckin' Fest

When we arrived, I was surprised to find out that the festival was being held just outside of Rangers Field. They had food trucks lined up next to the park and tickets were purchasable from the regular baseball ticket booth. We entered and the first thing to greet my eyes was a slew of disembodied torsos.

Oh my!

After that, we found our way to the food trucks. There were roughly about 30 trucks. I was thrown off by how small this was because of my previous experience with food festivals. I am originally from Chicago, The Taste of Chicago is my "standard" of food festivals.

Thinking about it now, it was the perfect amount of trucks...HOWEVER, they could have made a little more room for walking. Between people waiting for their food and people trying to read the menus; the areas they made for walking became clogged with confused people and baby strollers.

Also, since this was a family affair...children were provided with sidewalk chalk. Which was charming and enjoyable to view their art, but made for unexpected human caltrops. Here is my favorite caltrop who was drawing pictures of food all over the festival. IRONY!!

Enough of me blubbering on about nonsense, let's get to the food !!

I began my food adventure, with a tiki sized Cappuccino Pina Colada from Maui Wowi. Which honestly, turned out to be my favorite item from the festival. It was smooth and creamy. It was a total surprise and I got to keep my tiki cup. WIN!

The next truck we went to was the Bacon Lover's Truck. Here, Andy ordered the Red Hot Cheesy Pepper Sandwich. It had thick bacon, fresh ingredients, large portion size, and plenty of grilled cheese. Andy was super happy with his choice and was cooing like a baby with every bite.

Next, we went to Lee Malone's Sliders & Fries. Andy choose this truck for its rustic image. He said, "To compete with all these shiny new trucks, they must be doing something right."

Andy ordered two different sliders and some fries. One of the sliders was a peanut butter, bacon, and jelly burger.

I tried this even though I am "off meat". I mean, what a unique idea! It was crazy delicious and the fries were AMAZING! Which says a lot since, I rarely-to-never eat potato. That pretty much sums things up. So, until next time....


  1. This looked like it was so much fun!! Houston has something similar but I always forget when ;o;!

  2. You should totally make it to the Houston one. I suggest setting up a calendar with alerts. That's what I had to do.

    'Cause I can't remember anything!

  3. This looks amazing. My family and I went to the Frisco Streats festival a few weeks ago. If i'd known about this I would have definitely gone!