Saturday, April 27, 2013

clubs and cameras

Last night, I went out on the town. I began my short lived adventure at the Soda Bar at NYLO, in Dallas. Honestly, I don't really go out "bar hopping" or "clubbing" anymore. However, it was my friend's birthday! Like a good friend, I went.

Somehow my friends managed to get us kicked out of Soda Bar. So, we left and tried to go to It'll DO club to dance, but it was closed. Then, we tried to go to Beauty Bar. Parking was terrible so like the grumpy old woman I am, I went home.

The good news? I got this awesome shot with my iPhone at the Soda Bar. You can almost make out the huge B and G that people stand between and take pictures. I was amazed how many people stand there trying their best to be the complete the word BIG. You know, for Big D a.k.a. Dallas. Oh, and that blue thing? Infinity pool.

Don't be afraid to click the image to see better details!

I used the app called Panorama 360. Which allows you to take a series of images and then it laces it together by way of magic. I am pretty happy with these results and plan to use this app ALL THE TIME!

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