Tuesday, April 23, 2013

paper and penpals

Yet, another blog about penpals. I know, talking about my penpals is akin to watching Grandma's vacation slides.


One of my penpals is my "crafting" penpal. We send craft items. I have been trying to figure out what to send. In a moment of pure genius, I ran off to locate my Papertoy Monsters book.

This book is filled with pre-made monsters and directions. I had originally purchased it as a gift and ended up keeping it for myself. I thought it would be a good item to send my penpal...

Again, greed took over and I couldn't even part with one paper toy monster.

Embarrassed, I began scouring the internet for similar items. I stumbled on an italian website called, minimimmo.com. This website has a cute little character and a free printable. People pose this little guy and send pictures of him from around the world.

Even though this was a perfect fit for my penpal, I was curious about what other printables I could find. I then stumbled on to another website called papercritters.com. This is a website (and ipad program) that allows you to custom design your own little paper character. You can save the characters, print your characters, and print characters created by other people. You can also embed your character design online, which ends up looking like this.

Here is the one I created.

After bookmarking these fun projects, I decided I had to print them out and build them right away!

Here are the printed versions.

Not that I need more toys. I have a slight addiction to Kidrobot and Rotofugi. As evident by the following images.

Can you spot the finished products?


  1. I used to make my coworkers makes these paper monsters once a year. Made them all laugh and giggle XD

    I love anything to do with cuteness and paper :3

  2. Me three!

    Also, if you ever find neat-o things you think I "need to see". Don't be afraid to share. 'Cause sharing is caring. <3


  3. Will do!!! I love your blog, so glad I found it!! <3