Wednesday, May 15, 2013

yarn bombed suitcase

I have spent most of this week preparing for my impending Italy vacation.  This week I scratched something off my, "prepare for vacation list".

I finally found a large suitcase for Andy!

I'll start with a little "back story". We both have carry-on suitcases. In truth, that is our preferred method of travel. A few months ago, I had to find a large suitcase for the week I spent at an Indian wedding. I found a twelve dollar thrift store bargain, packed it past its weight limit and risked having the thing fall apart during travel.

Look how cute and normalish I look in my sari!

Back to the point...

This time, I wasnt willing to risk another thrift store special falling apart during travel. Thusly, I decided to make a budget and go shopping for something nice for the hubby.

At first, we were going to order something offline. Then, on a whim we checked the luggage selection at Marshall's and Burlington Coat Factory. Andy fell in love with this banana yellow-hard case-luggage. It reminds me of something out of an Indiana Jone's movie.

The benefit of this luggage is that when we are looking for his bag at luggage claim, it should be easy to spot.

After seeing the luggage together, I luggage is going to be impossible to spot at baggage claim. I already had that problem on my wedding trip. I considered this problem for a while. In a moment of pure genius, I dug through some extra yarn I had and decided to yarn bomb my suitcase.

I love yarn bombing. I think there is something romantic about doing something to beautify the world without destroying it.

I decided that yarn bombing my entire suitcase would take forever. So, I kept it simple. I am happy with the results.

The only problem is now I want to cover my luggage name brand tag. It just doesn't look right anymore. I am considering crocheting a flower or a star to go over it...

We will see what happens.

Friday, May 10, 2013

I have dropsy and new cellphone covers

That's right, I can't hold on to a damn thing! I am constantly battling it out with gravity.

What's that? Fancy heirloom tea set? Please, don't let me hold it. Babies? Absolutely, not. 

Do you have any idea how many times I have fished things out of the toilet? More than I care to share. So, how does a clumsy girl like me, still have a semi operable iPhone 4? Not braggin'. One word: Armor.

Yes, I use sturdy cell phone covers and screen protectors. They have served me well.

Well, yesterday I damaged my cover to the point that it was duct tape. Though, I enjoyed the punk rock attitude I had a problem with the duct tape pealing and getting dirt all over.

It was time for a new cover. I thought about buying a "decoden" cellphone cover. The below decoden sample is available on Etsy.

However, I imagined my phone falling out of my hand and turning into a sparkly-cute-shrapnel-bomb. Therefor, I decided to stay simple.

First, I went to the 92 cellphone-cover kiosks that are peppered throughout the mall. Each kiosk, had the same stock. All of that stock was not strong enough to withstand the force of nature that is; moi.

I relegated myself to actual stores.

I ended up going with TWO layers of protection. 

The first layer is a rubbery cover from the Sanrio store. Apparently, ownership of the iPhone 4 is so antiquated that their stock graced the clearance rack.


Original price? 29.99
Purchase price? 6.98

Then, I found my second layer of protection at Hot Topic. I can only describe this find as a "clutch-wallet-iPhone-cover-thing". What is cool about this "clutch-wallet-iPhone-cover-thing" is that there is a plastic cover that allows you to use the rubber covered iPhone while it is in the clutch.

I found it on the clearance rack and I spent at least 5 minutes wondering which flavor (color) to buy. Then, Andy barked out, "Just get both!" 

A novel notion, especially since there was a GIANT sign above the rack that clearly stated, All clearance items - Buy one, Get one free. (I'm a moron.)

Original price? 18.50 each
Purchase price? Two for a total of 6.98

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

i don't drive and creativity

I will start this blog entry by saying this...

I don't drive.

I know how. Yet, I feel that I am a danger to myself and others on the road. I believe this so strongly, that I never bothered getting my driver's license. As, I have stated before I am originally from Chicago. The public transportation system spoiled me.

The DFW area is not really a public transportation mecca. I am asked frequently, "How do you survive?" or "How do you make it to work?" 

The survival part is easy, I chose my apartment based on the fact that there is a 24 hour gas station within a block, the grocery store is less than a mile away, and a doctors office that is with my health care provider.

The second question is answered by understanding that I work from home. I am an artist, graphic designer, music maker, writer, dreamer of dreams.....blah blah. I hate self promotion, and regard this next as my terrible attempt at it.  Here is a link in case anyone is curious.