Wednesday, May 8, 2013

i don't drive and creativity

I will start this blog entry by saying this...

I don't drive.

I know how. Yet, I feel that I am a danger to myself and others on the road. I believe this so strongly, that I never bothered getting my driver's license. As, I have stated before I am originally from Chicago. The public transportation system spoiled me.

The DFW area is not really a public transportation mecca. I am asked frequently, "How do you survive?" or "How do you make it to work?" 

The survival part is easy, I chose my apartment based on the fact that there is a 24 hour gas station within a block, the grocery store is less than a mile away, and a doctors office that is with my health care provider.

The second question is answered by understanding that I work from home. I am an artist, graphic designer, music maker, writer, dreamer of dreams.....blah blah. I hate self promotion, and regard this next as my terrible attempt at it.  Here is a link in case anyone is curious. 

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