Friday, May 10, 2013

I have dropsy and new cellphone covers

That's right, I can't hold on to a damn thing! I am constantly battling it out with gravity.

What's that? Fancy heirloom tea set? Please, don't let me hold it. Babies? Absolutely, not. 

Do you have any idea how many times I have fished things out of the toilet? More than I care to share. So, how does a clumsy girl like me, still have a semi operable iPhone 4? Not braggin'. One word: Armor.

Yes, I use sturdy cell phone covers and screen protectors. They have served me well.

Well, yesterday I damaged my cover to the point that it was duct tape. Though, I enjoyed the punk rock attitude I had a problem with the duct tape pealing and getting dirt all over.

It was time for a new cover. I thought about buying a "decoden" cellphone cover. The below decoden sample is available on Etsy.

However, I imagined my phone falling out of my hand and turning into a sparkly-cute-shrapnel-bomb. Therefor, I decided to stay simple.

First, I went to the 92 cellphone-cover kiosks that are peppered throughout the mall. Each kiosk, had the same stock. All of that stock was not strong enough to withstand the force of nature that is; moi.

I relegated myself to actual stores.

I ended up going with TWO layers of protection. 

The first layer is a rubbery cover from the Sanrio store. Apparently, ownership of the iPhone 4 is so antiquated that their stock graced the clearance rack.


Original price? 29.99
Purchase price? 6.98

Then, I found my second layer of protection at Hot Topic. I can only describe this find as a "clutch-wallet-iPhone-cover-thing". What is cool about this "clutch-wallet-iPhone-cover-thing" is that there is a plastic cover that allows you to use the rubber covered iPhone while it is in the clutch.

I found it on the clearance rack and I spent at least 5 minutes wondering which flavor (color) to buy. Then, Andy barked out, "Just get both!" 

A novel notion, especially since there was a GIANT sign above the rack that clearly stated, All clearance items - Buy one, Get one free. (I'm a moron.)

Original price? 18.50 each
Purchase price? Two for a total of 6.98

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  1. I am a bit iphone case crazed right now!! I have a 4s as well so cases are usually cheaper than 5 XD yay!!