Thursday, September 12, 2013

more animation...

I find that I don't post a lot about people that I connect with. Perhaps, it's a fear that if all my different worlds came together I might explode in some event horizon....perhaps not. Regardless, I feel that my last post came at a cost. How cruel is it to post an old animation from the Soviet Union and not post something about a friend who is dear to my heart....and also half Russian....and a talented cartoonist.

Although this will open the door to post about other friends..(Not only in animation but other art forms.) I feel out of all the people I know, Jeaux deserves the most attention. He is the sweetest, kindest, most inspiring human. His inner child has control of his body and I respect everything about that.

Jeaux, I love you. (My hubby loves you too and can't wait to have that cool sweater party.)

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