Saturday, September 28, 2013

texas state fair

So, this was my second visit to the Texas State Fair. My mother in law came in from Virginia to partake in the massive excitement that is shopping and fried foods. Only problem is this year I didn't bring my camera. I was so busy arranging fair logistics that I forgot it at home.


Lucky for you I brought it last year. Though, I do not have an image of the iconic "Big Tex". Why? Because he burned to a crisp last year. Now, onward to the fried foods.

Yes, fried foods. Yes, everything is fried at the Texas State Fair. No, I haven't tried everything. Although, I did go out of my way for fried oreos. But the thing is they fry EVERYTHING. I mentioned that right? Even butter. Yes, you heard me.

Fried Butter. You see it? Who would eat that?

The fair is located at Fair Park. Which has interesting Gotham City like architecture, gardens, and museums. It allows for quiet spaces, real bathrooms, and lots of parking.

One of the things that makes the fair interesting to me it has permanent features. Besides the giant animatronic cowboy, of course. They always have shopping tents, plenty of food, a carnival, arts & crafts, contests and the ubiquitous farm animals.

Hopefully next year I can manage to bring my camera.


Convince the awesome police tower people to let me take a picture with them.


Convince myself to buy a cowboy hat.

HAHAHA. That will never happen.

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