Monday, November 11, 2013

i found a book

One of the benefits of living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is that I live close to the half price books flagship store. This store is about the same size as a large Barnes & Noble. It is complete with a coffee shop might, I add.

Every time I go in there, I end up losing control. There are too many wonderful tomes that wish to accompany me home. This time I focused on replenishing my more spiritual texts. I won't list all the goodies I rescued. I will only share one book that stands out.

This particular edition was printed in 1939 and in great condition. I thought about writing a review of the book and the author, instead I will will quote the review of it I found at Weiser Antiquarian Books.

"...Chicago, IL: The de Laurence Company, Inc., 1939 [c. 1960?]. "Fourteenth Edition" Hardcover, Large Quarto. (8 x 11 inches) 636 pp. Maroon faux leather with gilt title, etc. to cover and spine, frontis photo portrait of L. W. de Laurence. Illustrated. A massive book 'by' Lauron William de Laurence (1868 - 1936), renowned book pirate, plagiarist, and publisher of occult literature. De Laurence was notorious for taking other people's works and reissuing them under his own name (sometimes re-titling them in the process). Despite his roguish eccentricities de Laurence played an important part in the occult history of the USA: he was a pioneer in selling occult books and supplies by mail order, and the cheap "Pow Wow" books and other books of simple magic which he published were surprisingly well received, and he is quite revered in some quarters. The title of this particular volume says 'Hindu' and 'East Indian' but in fact it is largely a grimoire of Western ritual magic, taken from a variety of sources including Francis Barrett's Magus, the works of Agrippa et al. It's odd title and genesis aside, it was probably one of the most widely used for actual magical practice in the USA in the middle years of the twentieth century...."

Oh, de crazy fella!

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