Thursday, November 7, 2013

local beer

I found this local beer today. It is called Dallas Blonde by the Deep Ellum Brewing Company in Dallas. I am a fan of blonde and hefeweizen style beers. So, it was natural to be drawn to this product. I also thought the art was fun.

It has a light smooth flavor with notes of citrus and a slightly bitter end. Pretty good, but not the best... After doing some research about the company I found out that the beer has some controversy surrounding it.

They say that the ad slogan "Goes Down Easy", is sexist and promotes rape culture. What the hell is rape culture? I find that in itself disturbing. 

The argument is that the can shows a blonde woman. WRONG!

That is a picture of a kewpie doll with cartoon hair. If you happen to be a kewpie doll with cartoon hair, watch may get raped? Honestly, if anything this would promote some sort of, "Children of the Corn" thing that I am missing.

Here is the news reel on the sexist story.

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