Monday, December 16, 2013

10 things that I say on a regular basis that make other people take a second look.

1.) When I am startled, I rarely scream. Most often, I say loudly. "AIYA!!!". Like the old Asian man that I am.
2.) When I am frustrated with something, I rarely curse. If I do I say, "Scheiße!". Which is the German vernacular of shit.
3.) When I have to use the restroom I tell people I have to, "Shishi." Which is a slang both in Hawaiian Pidgin and Japanese for taking a piss.
4.) When I try to say the word, "Roof" it always ends up sounding like a cartoon dog bark, Example: Ruf Ruf
5.) When I mail something or check my mailbox I always refer to it as the, "Post". Example: "We got the post in today."
6.) For the life of me I cannot seem to pronounce any words that start with the sound, "Ire-" without an Irish accent. Examples: Iron, Irish, Ireland, 
7.) When I see a cat, I either refer to the cat as, "Meow Box" or "Silly Billy".Note to the reader: Billi means cat in most Hindi based languages. 
8.) I say "Scusi." instead of excuse me when I am trying to get passed someone. This is the Italian word for excuse me. However it is used more like, "Excuse me, I need your attention."
9.) For some unexplained reason instead of saying across i say, "Acrossed". I hate that I do this with a passion. Every time it comes out of me, I flinch and spent a few minutes silently berating myself.
10.) When I think something is really cool I say, "Fantastisch". Which is the German word for fantastic. Who would have guessed?


  1. "aiya!" i love that! i love even more that you don't really cuss. i am such a potty-mouth.