Sunday, December 1, 2013

james murphy

I rarely go to clubs or shows anymore. I think there is some sort of rebellion happening in my body that I resist any interest in the music scene. Example: Every year a good friend of mine offers industry passes to SXSW. Every year I simply don't go. 

That being said, sometimes I still go out. So, I arrived at It'll DO in Dallas. James Murphy was scheduled to play. Why did I find this relevant and worth my time? The answer arrives in two parts.

Part I:

James Murphy is DFA records. I like DFA records. You may know him as being a the maestro of LCD Soundsystem or a part of The Juan Maclean. He has had an interesting life and he fascinates me. I will share two interviews with him that I think outline the reasons why he intrigues me.

In the first interview, he talks about how he wants to create a turn-style generated subway music experience. Which to me, would be a gift to the minds of any worth while New Yorker.

The second interview is about what he went through in his personal evolution.

Part II:

I wanted to dance and I knew that James Murphy came from a similar background that I did. I too was involved in the electronic music scene. I knew he wouldn't disappoint me by playing crap. 


What were my thoughts on the event? My thoughts were mixed. (Ignore the pun.)

The show started with the house DJ, DJ Red Eye. He played for a while and I felt his set was weak at best. Although he had some excellent track choices and even played LNR's Work it to the Bone. (Which I haven't heard at an event since 1996.) His transitions were horrific.

James Murphy's set was well thought out and definitely worth the time. I have one complaint Mr. Murphy. You played a version of, "You make me feel mighty real". It wasn't the Sylvester original or the Byron Stingily house cut. It was however torture -- because the lyrics were cut out. SHAME ON YOU!

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