Thursday, December 12, 2013

winter ice storm

So, we had a semi impressive ice storm.

I say semi impressive because the storm was not that bad, however the local response was terrible. Roads remained nearly impassable for three days because no one considered plowing or salting.

Not only that, but you would think the locals were preparing for doomsday. Was it the end of the world? Zombies? Nope. Just some ice. Texas. 

Here are some pictures from my trip to the local grocery store before the storm came.

This was almost as surreal as the time Andy and I were driving through a rain in Florida and the interstate was littered with cars that were stranded on the side of the road.

After grocery shopping and after the storm was over, I decided to take some pictures of the local fauna as well. I always try to take advantage of a photo op. I got some great shots and then tragedy struck.

Did I slip on some ice? No. Did I get frostbite maybe? No. Did my camera break because of the cold? No.

I somehow managed to find a mud pit hidden under the snow and sunk knee deep into the earth. In the struggle to remove myself (and the suction of the wet ground) I lost my shoe. After, five minutes of digging and cursing, I gave up. My shoe was now one with the Earth.

Yes, my shoe is still buried out there and this winter will always be remembered at the winter I lost my shoe.

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