Sunday, February 2, 2014

andy's shoes

We went to the thrift store the other day to see what goodies we could snag, Andy found these suede converse for $2 in his size. The only draw back is that they didn't have shoelaces. Which, I wasn't worried about since, the same shoe new would be like $47.

But, then Andy wanted to make them slip on sneakers. I did some research online and fond a lot of different ways to do this all involving elastic and sewing. This seemed like too muc effort until I found the perfect solution in a product called Synch Bands.

Yes, they are a little pricey and $8 a set. However, if you are like me and are updating laceless shoes or just can't be bothered with that tying your shoes thing. This is totally worth it.

Here is a little video to demonstrate how they work.

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