Wednesday, February 5, 2014

window into my life

I thought I would share with you how my typical layabout life turns complicated so easily. Even though I don't have a nine to five job, I find myself busier than most people. So, let's look at what is happening right now.

1.) Andy's friend is having a difficult time with his wife and I am fairly certain that he will be getting a divorce any day now. We have opened up out spare room for his usage. Benefit? We have a temporary roomie that we can hang out with. Drawback: Our spare room also is my office and I can't spend my usual endless hours on my fancy Mac. I have to do most my work from my antiquated laptop. WHICH TAKES FOREVER!

2.) Next week is Valentine's Day. I am such the romantic that I am taking a weekend trip to Chicago...without Andy. What? Why? We are attached at the hip, I know! There is a very important birthday happening there that I can't miss. I would say I will be back with incredible pictures of all my hometown, but I won't. I am certain that I will get no sleep and be jumping from one social call to the other. Blech.

3.) I had a painting job that turned out to be a scam and now the FBI is involved. Don't ask.

4.) The moment I am back from my Chicago trip I will have another guest at my house visiting from the DC area. (No, it has nothing to do with the FBI.) She'll be here for a week and I have much dusting and deep cleaning to do if I will impress her with my hostess skills. Plus, I will be providing all the entertainment and tour guiding.

5.) I just finished another painting. No, it's not the FBI one. It's a gift for a family member. I am quite proud of it. But the exciting news is that I have another painting to start straight away. So, countless hours will be spend with me standing at the easel getting frustrated and having painters block.

Okay, maybe that list is shorter than I thought. But that is how the next few weeks will be moving along. I can't imagine being about to juggle it all with a normal job. I really can't.

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