Tuesday, April 29, 2014


So what defines a hipster? What is the mass idea? Am I a hipster too? In my urge to be sensible (and a bit anal) I have compiled a list from all over the internet of hipster things. Because I wonder in my old age......

1. You prefer to ride a bicycle or walk everywhere. I am guilty of this. Although, my bicycle tires have been flat for the last three years and the only reason why I walk is because I don't drive. I don't drive because I am bad at it. Plus, the seizures and depth perception is an issue.

2. You drink coffee. Also, guilty. Though, I think this one was a weird. A lot of people drink coffee. I suppose they are referencing the copious amounts of coffee hipsters drink? In that case, a lot of doctors and lawyers are screwed.  I don't drink much coffee and I like my coffee sickeningly flavored, creamed, and sugared. I also like tea and other beverages.

3. Wearing obnoxious glasses. I may be guilty of this one?  I have a fairly light prescription. It is very close to regular reading glasses. When I was younger, I used to collect weird vintage glasses and wear them. That was fifteen years ago. Now, I rarely wear glasses and I can't see shit.

4. You are a part-time DJ. Only if you consider the following a "part-time DJ". Me, huddled on my computer, in my back room, making mixes, and sharing them with no one.

5. Flannel. Not guilty. I originally avoided flannel because I am allergic to wool. Now I avoid it because I live in Texas and don't want to look "too country".

6. You have a beard, and if you are a girl you wish you did. Nope and nope. I don't like beards. I like scruff on the right guy, but not beards. Never have. Never will. Also, I get these three little black hairs on my chin that I battle back with morning beard checks and my trusty tweezers.

7. You immediately give up on any band, the second a single other person hears about them. No, I pretty much stick to the music I enjoy. Dedicated.

8. You have a blog. HA!

9. You are vegan, vegetarian, or organic. I am strictly none of these. I eat vegan and vegetarian. I am not that much of a meat eater. Never have been. But, I eat meat at times. I also have some organic stuff in my kitchen but I have everything else too. What it comes down to it, feeling good and having a happy belly is all that matters to me. I love many types of food. Shitty. Good. Organic. Chemical filled. Trendy. Fast Food. Whatever.

10. The Urban Outfitters paradox. I go there to window shop. Sometimes I get clearance books. However, I find that hipsters are torn on this subject. They want the clothes. The don't want the clothes. They are upset that Urban Outfitters is stealing from them. They are happy they can go to one place to get their over priced clothes. They are upset that most the stuff there is made in China. They are upset that it's not from China. They are upset. Relax man, it'll be alright.

11.  You go to art shows. Not so much. As an artist, who has a stage fright issues, I have a problem with experiencing art shows. 

Patron: What does this piece mean?

Me: What?

Patron: It seems to represent the complexity of  the human condition.

Me. Sure.

It's art. It's relative and unique to the experiencer. I am not going to explain it because that would ruin the point. The experiencer makes it their own thing. So, the few times I happen to end up at an art show. I eat as much snacks as I can and do everything to "not talk about art".

!2. You dress like a hobo. No, I don't. Sometimes, I dress like a Polish Christmas tree. That means lots of color and bold patterns. Or I dress layered modern goth. That means not ridiculous, no black lipstick, but definitely a darker style.

13. You live in Portland, Silverlake, Austin or NYC. No...but...I have considered moving to both Austin and Portland. Austin was too hot and Portland was too wet. I never had interest in moving to New York City. I was leaving Chicago to get away from, "the big city.". Why would I move to a bigger one? I spent some time in Silverlake. The people I hung out with were more of the, "people you might find at a fetish club" variety than the hipster variety.

14. You feel emotionally connected to this picture. I don't. I like Apple. I also like Linux. I also like Microsoft. I am not racially selective of my technology. The velocipede is cool in a steampunk sort of way. But, I wonder why someone would go to a computer store on a vehicle that would be pretty useless on a haul trip.

15. You get offended when someone calls you a hipster. Also, no. I have never been called a hipster. By the fact that I am seriously considering if I am a hipster and willing to accept it....it should be clear I am not offended.


Mind you, I have done this with every sort of "stereotype" popular labels at the time. I am indifferent to labels as long as they aren't hurtful.  I just wonder if a day will come that I will find a stereotype that makes me say...I HAVE A PEOPLE!

Monday, April 21, 2014

annals of my history

I am going through all my archives and updating my online presence. It has to be the most boring and tedious process known to man. What is even more super duper awesome is that my computers can't seem to handle the sudden misuse. I am having to stop to patiently wait for my tech to catch up with me.

Now, what do I mean by archives? The photo below will show you my picture archives of my photography categorized by year and/or project.

I have DVDs upon DVDs of old art, photography, music, writing, etcetera. That doesn't include the terabyte of information shared on my hard drives or the crap I need to scan. At least I have everything clearly labeled and organized.

I guess I shouldn't have procrastinated for the last ten years.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

the blood moon

Did you miss the first "blood moon" eclipse? I sure didn't. I was out there at 3am gaping at the sky. I have already marked my calendar for the next one. October 8th of this year. If you missed it, here is a redo.