Saturday, May 10, 2014


I have a hard time saying goodbye. I naturally just don't see the point. 

At one time, this inability to say goodbye was so unconscious that I would just leave a social event unannounced. Yes, I am aware that is a rude. However, with all my other quirks it became a charming thing people would talk about in reference to me. 

"What happened to Lu?"
"Oh you know how she is...I wouldn't worry too much about it." 

Maybe I like leaving things open ended? Maybe I don't need closure? Maybe I don't need an ending? Maybe I just don't feel like stating the obvious? Maybe I think that a temporary goodbye is ridiculous? That wouldn't even be a goodbye would it? 

For that matter, If I didn't greet you when you were born, should I send a farewell when you die?

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