Thursday, May 29, 2014

throwback thursday

When did that phrase come to be? Throwback Thursday. 

I suppose I could look it up but I am just too damn lazy to troll around the internet looking for answers. As if that two minutes of mouse-and-click googling is really going to set me back.

So, I guess I will post a photo in commemoration of today's reminiscence, that happens to be on a Thursday.

The back story? I had just got back from living in Los Angeles. It was winter in Chicago, but not particularly cold. That was nine years ago. 

I remember feeling out of place. I remember not caring that it was raining. I missed the cold rain of my home city. My friend let me borrow his hat and started taking pictures of me. I let him, which is unusual for me since I am not one to be in front of the camera. When I look at the picture, I can almost hear the ambient sounds of car tires splashing on the wet street.

And now, here is a list of other randomness that is gathering dust in my mind.

1. I talked to a stranger on Skype the other day. He tried to have cybersex with me and failed. Reason number one that he failed? He used the word  "knickers" as he is British. Even if I was in a sexual mood, and felt the urge to entertain such musings, it wouldn't be him. It would be Andy that I would want to please.

Not only was he a terrible conversationalist and completely single minded the usage of "knickers", it was also a sexual no-no. That term makes me think of large white granny panties, bed pans, and being fed mushed up bananas.

2. My low latent inhibition is getting worse. Which is an uncommon personality trait. The basics of LLI? You notice more, hear more, smell more and feel more through tactile contact. Without any conscious effort, your mind is in possession of a broader intake of information. Short story, LLI is making me impatient with people.

3. I actually had someone message me this, "Why are you 32?" I responded with, "That whole being born in 1981 and time thing." As it turns out, I was mistaken for a teenager. I am not sure if I feel complimented or offended.

4. A few days ago, I was accused of being "needy" and "too flirtatious" by a person I was talking to for the second time. It was because I was being polite and attentive. I sent them a link to something I thought they would enjoy. Apparently that meant, to their ego, that I was trying to steal their soul and marry them. Regardless of the fact I am so very taken and didn't say anything weird to them.

5. I spent fourteen hours writing today. Because of that everything I am saying is coming out with diction and pomp.

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  1. You should do more throwback Thursdays!