Thursday, June 12, 2014

another throwback thursday

I used to travel a lot. I mean A LOT. Not international travel, as much as, always being in a different state. So, this throwback is from one of the many times I was in Vegas.

Yes, I am the girl in the "I <3 Beaver." sweatshirt. I got this sweatshirt in Beaver, Utah. I still wear it from time to time, even though it had an unfortunate rumble with some bleach. Behind this lovely group is the Excalibur. I was en-route to New York, New York.

It took me about thirty minutes to cross the catwalk and get from door to door. I was stopped every few seconds as if I was famous. People shook my hand. I got phone numbers. Someone even invited me to their room. These lovely people decided that a group shot was needed.

Note: I have no idea who any of them are and I never spoke to them again.

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