Friday, August 29, 2014

strange messages

There is something about me that attracts bizarre attention. When I first told Andy this years ago, he told me that I was crazy. But after a variety of highly uncomfortable situations and almost getting attacked by a homeless woman that looked suspiciously like the girl from the movie the Ring. Andy agrees with the level of weird that finds me.

As such, I will now share a message I received from someone today.
Question what would you do if while returning home from being out and about... you found a tiny man only 6 inches tall as he hid in your purse and hitched a ride when you were not looking. The little man had to hide as he was eluding teenagers who were looking for him?
Do you think you would be tempted to keep him?

Do you think you would ask if he was in need of assistance?

Or do you think you would return him to the store as you want nothing to do with his situation?
And yes, I responded. I always do. 
Honestly? I'd scream.

I have an irrational phobia of leprechauns and little people.

Oddly, enough. If he could explain himself, and calm me down somehow. I'm sure compassion would take over and I'd try to befriend him.

Would I keep him? I don't think I'd consider him something to keep. Seems like a imprisonment in some way. But if he needed my help I'd try. If he needed a place to stay. I'd give it to him.


Monday, August 4, 2014



If you haven't seen this trailer for this super awesome  sidescroller videogame then please watch. Cuphead is a new indie game that combines some of my favorite aspects; cartoons, retro, 1930's, animation, silent films, video games. Yes! I can't wait.