Thursday, October 30, 2014

fishy smalls

Andy got the first half of his birthday gift today.

A fish!

Basically, he once had a Betta fish named, The Eighth (It was a King Henry Betta so he thought tit would be funny.) This fish lived for like ten years. Which is a ridiculous lifespan for a Betta. Long story short, Andy always dreams about his next Betta. 

We found a beautiful marbled white Betta and purchased the Aquafram Tank from Backtotheroots. It is a wonderful fish tank kit that includes everything you need to start-up except the fish. We of course, added our own flair and water heater for maximum fish happiness.

The cool thing is I live in an apartment with terrible natural light and I have had no problem growing wheatgrass with the tank. Plus, our little fishy's tank is nice and clean.

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