Thursday, November 20, 2014

i hate acronyms

Hate may be a strong word.

Revision: I strongly dislike acronyms (and initialisms for those that know the distinction)

They are a plague on my literal mind. Every time I see them, via text or in my email, my mind grinds to a halt. JK? LOL? YOLO? Why are there so many and why do we use them so much?

My first experience with "not understanding acronyms" was in sixth grade. I remember it like it was yesterday. A friend of mine gave me a picture of her marked on the back with her phone number and the letters KIT. I was baffled. KIT? Was that a nickname? A code of some sort? Did she hand me something that actually belonged to this Kit person? Later, (and after much nagging) she informed me it meant "keep in touch". I could see in her eyes that she regretted that message because of my obvious lameness.

My second experience was during the heyday of AOL. The irony of AOL being an acronym for America Online does not evade me. Anyway, I was in some some chat room and a person keep tying LMFAO. Which, to my embarrassment, I thought was some sort of slang term for about llamas. You can imagine my confusion.

At least it wasn't ROFL (I pronounce this like waffle) which hits my top ten of most hated acronyms. You are rolling on the floor laughing? Really? I think not. You may be remotely amused. Even smiling. But you are not ROFLing.

So, I have taken to responding to acronyms by inserting my own meaning and responding to that.


Them - "I've been in a LTR for so long IDK what to do."

Me - "My God! You've been in a live trampoline riot!? I don't know what that is but invite me next time! Also, I Donkey Kong too. No worries. "

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