Monday, March 2, 2015

death nails

Death nails are defined as the following. (According to the urban dictionary.)
"... a combination of "death knell" (an omen of death or destruction) and "nail in the coffin"..."
Yet, this is what I call the current and fad of wearing "stiletto nails".  It is personal joke. Perhaps, a slight to those who cannot sense my sarcastic double entendre to the death a fad enjoys.

These nails are long, vampiric, often multi colored acrylic nails. The ones that all the fashionistas and ladies of the dark wear these days.

Well, I just DO NOT like them. 

I know, it's not a topic of huge importance, but it bothers me. It is seen as this glamorous fashionable thing. What is it that makes this pleasing to people?

Granted, I've always been a little weird about painted nails. It's not that I've never had my nails done or avoid nail polish all together, but I think it is mind bogglingly strange. Why do we take laquer and paint what is basically thin blades of bone? It's oddly macabre. Not that I am against macabre. I am perfectly in touch with my dark side.

In fact, I love being myself and doing whatever I want. I just have never done anything for shock value. That's what this feels like. The "Lady Gaga" of nail art.

I also think about the history of "long nails" themselves. 

In our history aristocrats and royalty have always been described as, "fattened with long nails". A sign that a person never had to do something for themselves. The ancient Egyptians even had a caste system represented with the color of a persons nails. The more wealthy you were the darker your nails. 

So when I see these hand daggers, all I can think about is this; there is a long history of oppressive symbolism wrapped up in a pointy shell. I think in a few years people will look back at old pictures and think, "I can't believe I wore stiletto nails, Gross."

Do people still say gross?

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