Tuesday, March 10, 2015

wes posts

A friend of mine posts things that he is thankful for almost every day. Sometimes, they are things that make me feel warm, but my favorites are the ones that amuse me.

So here are my favorites.

Wes is thankful for...
  1. ... slow jams... everywhere... everyday
  2. ... chalk butt at climbing gyms
  3. ... the legend that is Korean Santa
  4. ... friends who don't like people
  5. ... for being Chinese
  6. ...  for getting away with "glew" as the past tense for "glow"... which is "gleau" in French, "glough" is Scots, and "gllobbdryw" in Welsh.
  7. ... getting to dish with the homegirl whilst getting my hairs did
  8. ... for the conversation that took an interesting turn when the person asked, "Are you a prophet?"
  9. ... drinks in the Mothership
  10. ... for bed. 
    And corn on the cob. And analyzing people. But, mostly bed.
  11. ... 
    some good sitting.
I am thankful for Wes being thankful. But mainly I'm that for Wes.

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