Monday, July 13, 2015

my mid-july resolutions

I have been making a lot of changes to my tiny little universe of me. Really, they might seem inconsequential but I feel as they are steps to somewhere. Where? Not really sure. To a better me perhaps?

I can hope.

1. Waking up and going to sleep at a consistent hour. Everyone knows I have sleeping problems. You can read about that here. However, I have decided my vampiric sleeping cycle is pretty terrible and also makes me the palest human being on the planet. (Yes, folks for almost a year I only saw the sun on weekends.)

2. New hair care regime. How cliche can I be? A girl, with a blog, talking about her hair...what? However, as many people know I bleached my hair for almost two years. Then I wanted to go to my almost black natural color. What I really want is long, natural, dye free hair. This will take finesse. Besides dealing with all my horrifying breakage and bathtub-muppet-babies, I need to accelerate my hair growth. This requires...

  • A satin pillow case
  • Easy to wash out semi permanent hair color
  • Loosely braiding my hair before bed
  • New shampoo and conditioner that is all-natural-vegan-animal-loving-hippie-junk
  • Utilizing the inversion method which can be found here.

2. New dental care regime. See a theme here? This started when I purchased natural toothpaste and neem oil based mouthwash. I found that my teeth and gums were much happier with that combo. I thought, "What other natural stuff do I not know about?" This is when I learned about oil pulling. I do this three times a week and I find it really makes my dental life better.

3. Exercise. I haven't had much time for it. I've done a simple morning yoga practice most mornings ever since I was like eight. But, I find actual exercise usually get's pushed aside. This is until I found Blogilates. There are a lot of really good/short videos on this channel that are easy for me to follow. However, I stick to these videos and use them two to four times a day. 5 minute fat attack and 8 min at home cardio work out. Time management for the win!

4. I will finish those "unfinished projects". I have lists. MANY lists of things I want to complete. Art I want to create. Things I want to write. Stuff that needs to be done and really I need to stop making lists and just do those things. So, I am making it a goal to do one of those "list things" each day. Mind you, there are probably THOUSANDS of items on these lists. Of which my completion ratio is more like once every two weeks....whatever. It's now that matters right?

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