Wednesday, August 12, 2015

must resist the urge to faceplam

I know a lot of people that I fundamentally disagree with. These people, I don't even bother trying to start a dialog with, because I know they won't. The won't listen to reason, logic, or that wacky thing called science. So, in response to this emotional turmoil I go through and some issue arises I posted this on Facebook to voice how I am feeling at the moment.

1. To the people that do not believe in climate change and/or global warming. 

I can't argue with you. I really can't. Why? Because your argument is nebulous and flawed. Not once has anyone said these things to me and backed them up with proven fact. So, this is what I'll say to you. 

I don't care if you "believe" in climate change and/or global warming. All the things we should be doing as an interdependent community of humans, INCLUDES trying to live in a green sustainable way. There are more immediate affects we have on our world and if you choose not to see the whole climate change and/or global warming thing then those immediate changes HAVE to be clear to you. Things like...rising cost of power due to increased power consumption, rise in pollution which causes harm to water, earth and air, ecology systems going haywire...the list really does go on.

IF you deny those things, don't talk to me, seriously, I can't handle you.

2. To the people who still believe in some form creationism. 

There are thousands of creation stories. However, I find staunch Christians often are the ones that can't wrap their minds around the reality of evolution/big bang. 

News Flash: Evolution is a real thing and Big Bang is a theory that is widely accepted. 

For me, I do not believe that religion should spend it's time disproving science or visa versa. I think it is absolutely possible that creationism/evolution/big bang can coexist. 


If you are a Christian and you are citing a document that was first passed from person to person verbally, than one day written down, then re-written, then re-translated over and over again, then centuries later you read it and say to yourself, well all of this must be VERY literal, THEN YOU MISSED THE POINT. The creation story from the Bible is subjective and not law.

3. To the people who are against gay marriage because it will undermine the institution of marriage.

There is no "institution" of marriage. We made that up. A gay marriage is not....

You know what...I have a thousand valid arguments about this. But plainly, gay marriage a basic right that should be about equality regardless of anything you "believe". Finished. Stop making it about "stopping the gays".

4. To the people who think liberals want to take your guns away.

I don't like guns. I have seen someone murdered. Shot. In front of me. Even before that, I have had a healthy fear of guns. The same kind of fear I have of fire. 

Fire out of control is dangerous. Just like guns out of control is dangerous. Though I understand the need for fire. As I understand the need for guns. 

Stop being so dramatic.

5. To all the other issues that annoy me.

I wish you didn't annoy me. Please stop. Also, if you are a person who has a view, please for the love of all that is beautiful in this world educate yourself before you speak. Okay. Thanks.

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