Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Each year I buy myself an assortment of birthday gifts. Most of these gifts are things like magazine subscriptions. However, I always purchase at least one "gift-gift". As in, something tangible that I can physically hold.

Anyways, this birthday my "gift-gift" was this book, Betty Goes Vegan.

The book is interesting because unlike a lot of the other vegan books I've seen it depends HIGHLY on "meat substitutions". Some of these substitutions I have never heard of and seem to be centralized in the NYC vegan seen. 

The good news? Most of what can't be found locally can be ordered online straight from the source, which is awesome. Since Texas isn't the Mecca of vegetarian foods. Although we do have the Spiral Diner, which is the best Vegan Restaurant I've been to. Sorry, The Chicago Diner you served me well and you have the BEST vegan shakes but the rest of the your food doesn't compete.

Don't get me wrong. I like eating regular vegetarian/vegan food that is all those vegetables. However, this cookbook really gives another dimension to my drunken-kitchen-hour possibilities. 

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