Tuesday, September 8, 2015


This is a blog post for the ladies. What am I talking about? The exciting world of menstruation. I have recently (and am mildly embarrassed to say) had a problem with wearing tampons. One day, I just couldn't use them anymore. I won't go to great detail on that, but I was looking for an alternative. Regular pads, suck. Seriously, the sticky backing shifts. They make your skin fell awful and sweaty. Not to mention the cleanliness. So, that left only one option. 

The menstrual cup.

For those that haven't used this it must sound dirty. Messy. An impossible option. However, I was surprised to find out that it was the opposite. Once I perfected my skills with the cup, I found that it was easier, cleaner and more comfortable than I ever imagined. Although, I did have to cut most of that nubbin off the cup bottom. 

I decided that I need a backup plan and something to use for the few times a little blood came through. So, I turned to fabric pads.

The smaller four pads are 8 inch pads from an Etsy shop called LoveYourMoontime. Sadly, the shop no longer exists. Which is a shame because they are extremely thin and amazing. Closer to a panty liner. The larger two are my "over night heavy" 10 inch pads. They are from an Etsy shop called RainbowsGrace. They are extremely comfortable, well made, but slightly thicker.

From LilikoiFashions I purchased a wet/dry bag.

The upper pocket is the wet bag area and has a lining of water proof pul fabric. The outside bottom pocket is the dry bag area and expands for more storage. 

I do not use this for day to day. It was purchased for travel. Surprisingly, the one pad/menstrual cup combo lasts all day. Then, at night, I stain-treat the pad, fold it up, snap it closed and toss it in the laundry bin. FYI: When using this method the amount of staining is at most similar to the lightest bit of spotting. Unlike tampons which (on a day of tragedy) turn into, dare I say, a gusher.


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