Wednesday, October 28, 2015

finding purpose and multipotentialites

Finding your purpose is hard. I think it can be difficult for many reasons. A person might find it hard to figure out what path to follow. There can be problems of logistics, like time or money. There can be internal issues, like self doubt. How do we sort it all out?

To the first question, I have a few answers.

First, a person doesn't necessarily need to follow one path. That is a very limiting view in this very complex world. As a self proclaimed multipotentialite, I understand this all too well. A person can be interested in many disciplines and address them and utilize them as they desire. It is that simple.

But, let's say you are determined to find that one thing. That jewel of a purpose that will complete you. I am here to say you probably already found it.

What? That's right you probably already have the answer and didn't even know it. 

I have seen the following image circulating a lot lately in regards to purpose and I think it is useful as a guideline. It can show you a lot of things that might have you looking at completely different fields, especially if you focus on getting paid for it last.

Purpose, is something inherent in our being. Something we are drawn to. Something that we strive for. We don't even have to be good at it, we just have to want it. Well, want it enough to pursue it and act on it. But we will touch on that later.

Now, logistics can often cause a problem for those who want to actively pursue their dreams. Money, time, and responsibility; being the largest roadblocks. You want to be a Doctor? Yet, you can't afford school. You want to write a book? But, you work too many hours. You want to become a surfboard salesmen? But, you have to take over the family business. At this point you must ask yourself, how can I? How can I make school cheaper and make more money to afford school? How can I dedicate even a half hour every day to writing? How can I sell those surfboards and still run the family business? 

The idea that something is impossible is what holds you back. It makes you inactive and inaction is the enemy of purpose.

Action is key. Even if it is small actions everyday, it creates a space where you are closer to your goals. The closer you are; the less impossible it will seem. The less impossible it seems; the more motivated you will be. This creates a cycle that can remove the negativity of the, "I can't" attitude.

"I can't", can mean many things. But it what it really means is, "I don't know how." and when you combine that with self deprecation you can find yourself in a bad place. Ignore all the negetivity and allow yourself grow. You can and that is all you need to know.

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