Tuesday, October 13, 2015

the aftermath

Anytime I finish a self induced project, I feel a little sullen. Like my offspring has grown up and I have sent them off into the world. After completing the 18 Days of Global Goals, I can't help feeling a bit bereaved.

Yesterday, after finishing a variety of tasks, I tried to think of some new thing that I could sink my teeth into. A purpose. A creation. An idea. My mind is a total blank. I wouldn't call it creative block. Not really. I have a list of small projects that I want to complete. But none them have purpose and with the 18 Days of Global Goals, I found myself waking up every day with a purpose. It was satisfying and exhilarating. 

Purpose is really different than what a person "does". Errands. Work. Meetings. Meals. Cleaning. Those things are what people do. A purpose is so different. It brings out an inner resolve and an understanding that the outside world is improving by ones actions. 

I am left thinking about validity. What will be valid and useful in my life? What will be valid and useful in other peoples lives?

Any ideas out there?

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