Monday, December 28, 2015

the winter clean

The Japanese have something called, Osoji (大掃除), "the big cleaning". This happens every year right before the New Year. The idea is that a person should eliminate the clutter, dirt and emotional baggage carried with them from the last year. 

That is exactly how I spent my Sunday. Cleaning. The only problem is that I have cleaning ADD. Everything takes twice as long. I suddenly find all the things I own immensely fascinating. In this instance, I found some old writing. A.K.A. an entire notebook full of dribble. I tore out three sheets of digestible ramblings, and the rest went straight away into the recycling.

I thought I would share some of it here: 

There is always a secret in the dark. Shouldn't I be scared of it -- that in some way? Most people are. They have that evolutionary psychology that tells them to walk the other way. It's not that I take risks to be dangerous, or that I like to jump out of airplanes. (I don't.) It's that I know that the future is like a great chasm in front of me and no matter where I step, I will have to survive the fall.

Well, I am glad I am leaving that behind for this New Year. Although, it's like eight years too late on that one.

And now for something completely related...

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