Monday, January 11, 2016


In a previous post, popular phrases, I mentioned my love for words and my attachment to anything etymological. Often, there are words that hit my radar that change my whole universe. I dwell on them. Think about them. Talk about them. Dream about them.

Ah, the glories of fixation.

What word inspired this blog post? By the title, you may have guessed what the word is. Yes, it is  MESMERIZED. 

You are such a good guesser!

Franz Mesmer, was a dubiously strange German physician. He would run around trying to hypnotize people with the magical powers of, "animal magnetism". It is because of this lone man's proclivity-of-the-bizarre that we have the word, mesmerize. I find this somehow comparable to my favorite villain of yesteryear, Whipping Tom of 1681.  
The Whipping Tom of 1681 was active in the warren of small courtyards between Fleet Street, Strand and Holborn.[3] He would wait in the narrow and dimly lit alleys and courtyards.[4] On seeing an unaccompanied woman, he would grab her, lift her dress, and slap her buttocks repeatedly before fleeing.[5] He would sometimes accompany his attacks by shouting "Spanko!".[3]
He attacked a large number of women,[6] and while he would often use his bare hand, he would occasionally use a rod.[7] Some of his victims were left badly injured by the attacks.[6] He would appear, carry out his attacks and vanish with such speed that some people attributed him with supernatural powers.[7][8]  -Wikipedia.


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