Sunday, April 10, 2016

corrupt? nope, not even true

My plans for Saturday night fell through at the last minute. I could have contacted a friend to do something, but I enjoy a lazy night at home. (Perhaps, more than I should.) So, I texted with a few people and watched movies. One of my friends (that I was texting) suddenly suggested (with vigor) that I read and I quote, "The best book I ever read." With further explaining I came to understand that, she thought I'd enjoy the book because of how "dark" it was. Because we all know I like to bathe on the edge of darkness.

And, that is not sarcasm. I really do.

So I picked up the book, Corrupt by Penelope Douglas. 

I will spare you my thoughts on the cover. Honestly, I try not to judge covers.

A.) Often writers have no control over the cover.
B.) Writers that self publish often do not have the artistic skill or money to be throwing at a decent graphic designer. 

True, really awesome book covers often entice me to pick up a book. However, some of my favorite books have garbage covers.

Note to publishers: Get it together people you have been in the business too long to STILL be making bad covers.

The first indication that this book and I weren't going to mesh was on the first page. The last name of the main "love" interest is Crist. I know that this was probably meant to be said more like the beginning half of the name Kristen. Unfortunately, I would spent the rest of the book reading it as Christ.

I really don't want to be thinking about the big J.C. when I read a "smutty" novel.

Another name-fault I found is with Rika, which is a nickname for Ericka. I was reading it as Rick-ah the whole time, as it made sense. Only to find out that it is supposed to be pronounced Ree-ka. Explain to me how that is anything like Ericka?

Within the first chapter, Micheal Crist (the love interest) is introduced.  Micheal is described to be a educated NBA player that Rika doesn't (yet, really does) want to see. The scene is set at a Crist family party. He sits in a dark corner of the Crist mansion solarium and his hand rests on a basketball. Why is he sitting in the solarium just fondling a basketball? Is it a prop?

Because that is what NBA players do. They sulk around in solariums wearing dress pants and suit coats making sure everyone knows they are indeed basketball players. Because look, they have a basketball. It's like a professional gardener being found at his kid's birthday party, brandishing a garden rake for no reason at all. He's just a very proud gardener.

In the next chapter, you are transported to three years earlier, where you see a younger (but very much college aged) Micheal Crist walking into to Rika's high school with his three sidekicks. They wear masks and steal children away like the cucuy. They can do this because of all their power and money. That's why the teacher let's them. They are very powerful and rich cucuy. Okay, maybe there was no mention of cucuy. But, really? This is a school where at least five very wealthy young people go and somehow, there are no rules? No questions? No security? No visitor passes and sign sheets? What kind of backwater small town school is this?  ROAR!

You also learn at this point that the sidekicks names are Damon Torrance, Kai Mori, and Will Grayson III. Will Grayson the Third huh? Could this be a not-so-cleverly disguised reference to John Green's book Will Grayson, Will Grayson. A book where there are two Will Graysons, and now we have found the third. Did this bother only me?

I have mentioned before that they drag students away. The purpose of this is to "whip the current basketball team into shape". Somehow that means going to some weird random place with catacombs to get wasted and have sex.

From this point on, I was lost. The character arcs were strange, if they existed at all. There was gaping plot holes and other things that made no sense. Loads of almost rape and rapeyness. Bigotry and more sexual harassment. Grown ass people acting like they were delinquents. There was no love or romance. Just obsession and hormones. The characters "dark pasts" built up, fell flat, and went nowhere. 

What ended it for me is when she gets attacked and stabs Damon. He's all like, "OMG you stabbed me. But wait, I must stay here and verbally fight with you. Tetanus no biggie. I was totally in prison so I'm a hard ass. I am such a hard ass but I am mad at you. Grrrr." Then she is like, "I almost got gang raped. I stabbed one of them and ran away. But, I'm gonna go back for more. To find out where my mom is. I certainly couldn't escape and go to the police. They never help people." 

I took creative liberties with that exchange.

I just couldn't do it anymore. I did not finish this book. My blood pressure couldn't take it.

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