Wednesday, May 25, 2016

paper magician

I love to fold things. I have mentioned this before. Fun Fact: It is a perplexing truth in my life that one can tell the degree of my inebriation by the amount of origami I leave behind.

It has always marveled me that paper can be changed into something so different just with a few folds.

I like folding so much that I even give modular paper origami balls as gifts. There is a Tibetan Lama, an ex-cop and a homeless woman, who all count themselves as part of the fortunate many that have received this type of gift from me.

My love for folding paper may cause the following book review to be a tad biased. Okay, A LOT biased.

I'd very much like to live in a world where The Paper Magician takes place.

This is a story about Ceony Twill. An entitled young magician who unwillingly gets dumped into a paper magic apprenticeship. Her mentor Emery Thane shows her the beauty of paper magic and by doing so Ceony begins to love both the magic folding craft and the man.

The setting I feel is in an alternative magic England. A world that seems to have a steampunk historical essence, but in a subdued way. Yet, it still feels modern. As if the world today was somehow stuck at the turn of the twentieth century. I validate this by wondering if we would have changed much during the industrial revolution if we had magic or would we have depended on magic to propel us into the future.

I feel much of what makes the book special would be a spoiler here. So, I will keep this short. For me I wasn't interested in the characters as much as the thematic power of the story. This comes in two parts.

1.) Simplicity can change the world. 
2.) People can love for no other reason than to love.

For me, the main character of this story wasn't Ceony or Emery, it was the paper heart. And to understand what that means, I suppose you would have to read the story.

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