Monday, June 13, 2016


So much happens in the world today that is troubling to me. I find myself struggling between wanting to stay informed and wanting to separate myself from the media. When something like the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting happens. I suffer. I suffer because of the heinous act itself. I suffer because of the empathy I feel.

With every Facebook post and interview I have to face it again and again. Then there is the fallout.

Things are no longer about the lives taken or the horror of it all. It becomes about politics, gender, sexuality; whatever the issue might be at the time. It becomes a knee jerk reflex and people stop thinking critically. They throw altruism out the window. Opinions become volatile. They allow their anger and fear control them.

Sadly, we (as a generalization) cultivate anger. It was anger that caused the tragedy in Florida. It is anger that flows in our reactions.

I find myself wanting to remind people that the only way to "fight" anger is through acceptance. Feel the anger, accept it, and then let it go.

Do not let it control you. Do not let it live inside you and fester. Do not let it speak through you; with cruel words. Do not let it act for you.

Become more, because you are more.

A great quote comes to mind, "Acting out of anger is like throwing hot coal, you too get burned."

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