Sunday, July 10, 2016

all that matters

The reasons why I believe that black lives matter.

Because they do. It should be that easy. But for some inexplicable reason (racists), there are some people that can't get on board with that.

As a woman who is Caucasian, I have not suffered the same profiling. Yet, I still have experienced a police officer abusing his power.

When I was in Chicago, a police officer suspected I had drugs (I didn't). He made me take off my socks and shoes. That would not have been a big deal. However, it was winter and he told me to kneel in the snow. After a few minutes I told him my feet were going numb and I was promptly ignored. Ultimately, I was let go. But, the problem was a officer was profiling me because of how I was dressed. To him, I was a stupid punk kid.

Another example of this same issue comes from a story about my friend, Cristina Paulos. She was basically pressed into hot Vegas concrete until she suffered third degree burns. Yes, she was behaving erratically. But there was no reason to push her into the hot concrete for three minutes. Especially after she begged the officer to stop.

Can you imagine if these same situations happened with a African American? How much further would have those situations escalated?

The reasons why I believe all lives matter.

African American people aren't the only people who are afraid. They ARE however the most targeted group. American born Mexicans in border states get profiled and suffer due to racism. Muslims and those with an Arabic appearance get harassed in other places. True, the statistics of these situations are lower. But anyone can experience hate, racism, and bullying.

This does not give me carte blanche to throw that terminology around lightly.

Black lives matter because all lives matter. That is literally what the movement is about. The black community is saying, "My life should matter. If all lives matter then why do people with my skin-tone keep getting killed?" A person can't answer that question with, "But all lives matter." It's ridiculous.

So all the well meaning people out there, try to remember that no one is arguing against the fact that all lives matter. They are arguing against the fact that black people are being killed and hurt unjustly. Saying all lives matter can be indirectly hurtful, regardless if you meant it that way.

The reasons why I believe a person should black the blue.

A majority of police live with honor and risk their lives to serve the public.

There are 11,944 officers in Chicago, 2,600+ in Las Vegas, and 3,474 in Dallas  To think that these men and women are all racist-power-tripping-gun-toters is just ludicrous.

I'm betting that the percentage of racist-power-tripping-gun-toters matches (or is less than) the percentage within the general public. This means the problem doesn't rest on the shoulders of the police. It rests on society and humanity in general.

The thing is we are so focused on choosing sides and having personal platforms that we are making taglines out of important issues. We are making atrocities into statistics. We are invalidating peoples real fears. So, I will make it easy.

Do not kill

Do not abuse power
Stop being rascist 
Support the law and those who enforce the laws
Do not invalidate the struggles of others
Live with respect and honor.
Live with humanity

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