Tuesday, July 5, 2016

how to stay motivated

I was a messy kid. My room always had toys everywhere which my mother lovingly referred to it as, "the disaster zone". This messiness boiled down to one fact, I was not a naturally motivated person. And truthfully, I still am not motivated. 

The truth is out.

The interesting thing is that I have learned how to fake it, through a series of methods that I have developed over the years. I don't think these ideas are anything new, but I wish someone had shared them with me. It would have saved me a lot of stress.

1. Not everyone is naturally motivated.

This is important to understand. I spent a lot of time thinking that motivation would magically appear. Like puberty would hit and suddenly I'd be a boss! That did me no good. When I realized I wasn't motivated I ended up not trying anymore, because I thought it was impossible. Which was an even worse form of self-sabotage. We are not all type-a personalities and there is nothing wrong with that. Success is not only measured by what you achieve, but also your deficit.

2. You'll probably hate doing whatever you have to do.

Yup. Sad but true. Doing stuff like; dieting, exercise, chores, school work, writing that proposal, etc, are all things that can suck. So, I find that forcing myself into action is best. I might be sour-face-Jones when doing it, but hey, it gets done. Right? Plus (and after a while) there is a sort of masochistic enjoyment that I've begun to gain from doing those things I don't want to do. 

Oh, vacuum how you make my arms burn.

3. Write lists.

Write lists for everything. I mean everything. If you are depressed on a certain day, put things like: brush teeth and eat on your list. It may seem silly, but it helps. It gives you the ability to reach your goals. Even on your worst days, you'll have accomplished something. You'll always have that satisfied feeling when your list is done. Trust me. It's great.

4. Set goals.

This works hand-in-hand with the previous suggestion. Goals are important. Even when they are ridiculous. But, it is important to create smaller goals to reach those big ones. This is called milestone creation my friends, and they are a lot easier to reach if you know what they are.

5. Plan for downtime.

All work and no play is lame. Having a nervous breakdown is also lame. Each day I write my lists, clear my mind, and make sure "play time" is scheduled.  That means I plan for video gaming, internet trolling, naps, date nights, weekend outings, drunken orgies. You know, the usual stuff. Doing this will help you feel less guilty about completing those to-do lists, because fun will be what you are supposed to be doing? So have fun!

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