Thursday, November 10, 2016

the day after

It is no secret that I am not a Trump supporter. As can be seen by my July post, Trump is a goon. I have tried to write something many times about my feelings on the results. Instead, I will share something that one of my bestfriends wrote. (Thanks Brian).
Hey rational America. Things are looking fairly grim for the next four years. People that have an image of a United States that is in economic peril, social anarchy, and under bombardment from outsiders have elected a charlatan. Someone that rallied them together in a furor by feeding into their fears. 
Now we're here in this situation. That has left you feeling the same dread that they felt, albeit with a different source. You're now worried that the country is heading in the wrong direction like they did. You can't believe that someone that doesn't share your values and paradigm is making decisions for you. It's nerve-wracking to be sure. 
Know that many millions share your same outlook. That we'll take steps backwards but that we can go forward again in the future. You'll need to fight for that though. You'll need to be less complacent with the media's presentation to you. You'll need to see the other side's perspective despite how it may seem skewed to you. You'll need to organize. You will need to make the change.
This comes from a person who has always had opposing political views from me. We have spent years engaging in political discourse and this has been the first time we have agreed. 

I wonder how our futures will continue to unfold.

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