Friday, January 6, 2017

my favorite book of 2016

As it happens, I often find myself struggling to "find that new read". Luckily, Goodreads has their yearly Choice Awards -- which offers me a wide selection of new books to peruse.

I found the Storm and Silence by Robert Their in the Romance section as the second highest rated book at 44,591 votes. Interestingly, there was only 10,999 ratings in the book's profile page. Was there some sort of conspiracy? After some research, the answer became clear. Storm and Silence was Wattpad's Book of the Year for 2015 at 51 million views. I suspect Wattpadian fans of Storm and Silence joined Goodreads just to vote.

Storm and Silence was my Book if the Year for 2016 -- narrowly displacing A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab. True, A Darker Shade of Magic was a richer written story. However, there was just something about Storm and Silence that delighted me.

Honestly, the cover leaves something to be desired. The setting of the book is in England sometime in the mid to late 1800s. Gentleman did not wear modern tuxedos. But remember folks, Robert Their is a self published indie author.

This story is what I like to call a "tension novel". Not much actually happens. This makes talking about the plot difficult (and yes, there is one). The magic of the story is all in the dialog and interaction. If that is not your cup of tea, I would advise against picking up this book.

The reader follows Lilly Linton, a cross-dressing woman's suffragist and Rikkard Ambrose, a scrooge-like business man who has some questionable business dealings. Lilly blackmails Rikkard into having her as his personal secretary. Rikkard agrees stipulating that she must remain dressed as a man. She spends most of her time being feisty and he volleys by trying to sabotage her so she'll leave his service willingly.

The book is definitely a young adult book that tends on the wordy side. This might put some readers off. But, I enjoyed it. The writer is a native German speaker. As such, there were a few times that I did not feel the language fit the time period. I attributed this to Their's German tongue and the lack of resources as an indie author.

Complaints aside, if you are looking for a book that is about a bossy-boss and a stubborn girl. Look no further! It is humorous, lighthearted and a feel good story with a dark side. I hope you give it a chance. I'm glad I did.

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