Tuesday, January 31, 2017

vision boards

Every year, I create a vision board. Sometimes, I go old school and clip out magazine images. However, and in the interest of the environment, I have been making digital versions.

I have a whole process now that includes saving images in a private folder that may or may not go into “the next” vision board.

Here is a simple process to creating a vision board that will help you reach your goals and ultimately for fill your dreams.

1.) Check yourself.
Any time is a good time to create a vision board...or is it? Just like grocery shopping on an empty stomach can land you a shopping cart full of junk, making a vision board in the wrong state of mind is a tragedy waiting to happen. You don't want your vision board to become a subconscious visual slam-book at your ex. So, clean your mind, your space, and your intentions. Ask if what you want is a healthy goal or something within reasonable reach. 
2.) Collect your images. 
This seems simple, and yet it's sometimes hard to find exactly what you are looking for. I find this difficulty is sometimes a reflection of when your goal is unclear. So save multiple images that represent one idea and don't be afraid to take your time. "Too many images to sort through" is better sometimes. And don't forget that some of your goals should be focused on the simple joys in life. 
3.) No worries. 
When do you know your vision board is done? You just know and if you don't, it's not done. Once it's done admire it, accept it, and don't worry about it. You've started the first step on the path to obtaining your vision. Don't obsess or worry. Just allow the universe to do its magic. 
4.) Reinforce your vision board. 
Look at your vision board in the morning and before bed. If you find yourself getting anxieties about your vision board, try to look at the vision board only when you are in your most positive healthy states of mind.

Think about small ways to get closer to each vision every time you look at your new creation. Think about the possible signs and opportunities that might come your way. Imagine what will it be like when you do reach your vision. As well as what it will be like after you "have it all". Keep a vision board diary (or goal list) to accompany your vision board. Most of all, have fun during the process and don't be afraid to make adjustments.

Remember: Vision boards are like a seashell that you create. It grows with you. When you've outgrown it, make a new one. That doesn't make your old shell any less beautiful. It just means you are ready for your next shell or stage in life.

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